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Compassion Ministries
Logo Compassion Ministries is an all volunteer outreach originally established to feed local hungry people.

As the ministry has grown, it has reached out to people who are hungry in East Tennessee and in specific cases of need to Kentucky, Louisiana, and Eastern North Carolina.

The Feeding the Hungry area found above describes many of the people helped.

News Update:

Our next Local Food Pantry on Thursday, August 6th at Cornerstone Church in Farragut. It will a drive though from 3:00 PM EDT until 4:30 PM.

Our local pantry is very busy. We are operating outside now to keep everything safe as possible. This pantry happened on July 23, 2020 as it does every two weeks.

On Friday, 26 June 2020, a mobile pantry was conducted by the many volunteers at Frostbite House of Prayer in Spring City, Tennessee. Compassion Ministries took truck loads of food to them for distribution, but, the pantry was completely staffed and administered locally!! Very exciting.

On Friday, 12 June 2020, a mobile pantry was conducted, in partnership with our corporate sponsor, TVA. Our location was in Roane County. Along with volunteers from Compassion Ministries, we were blessed with many energetic helpers from TVA, Harriman Utility Board, Community Church Tellico Village, and lots of help from the Lenoir City, Habitat for Humanity. Even the Midtown Elementary staff pitched in to help. We provided food for over 219 families, serving a total of 753 people. What a joy these pantries are as we meet the food needs of so many people. As I always say, “We are as blessed, if not more so, than the families we serve.”

On Friday, 29 May 2020, Compassion Ministries conducted a mobile food pantry, in partnership with United Health Care at Coker Creek Elementary, located in Monroe County. We worked closely with school administrators, and members of the Community Church Tellico Village. We were also blessed with numerous volunteers from Cornerstone Church and local workers from the Coker Creek community.

We provided food for 220 family units, serving 725 individuals overall. It was another day when the volunteers felt more blessed than possibly even the people we served. With so many restrictions still being observed to fend off the Pandemic, we did this as a drive-through. While our customers get their food, we as volunteers hope this is over soon as we all miss the personal touch of helping people one-on- one. But we do what we must do to fulfill the Lord’s command “...You Feed Them.!” Luke 9:13.

On Friday, April 17, 2020, Compassion Ministries conducted a “drive-through” mobile pantry. The drive-through was to help us stay in compliance with social distancing standards as set forth in Coronavirus personal safety standards. While we happily do this, it takes away much of the personal contact our volunteers love and give so freely to our customers.

The volunteer helpers were bountiful and much needed that day. Our primary supporter in Fentress County are Todd Burnett, County Judge, and his wife, Tracey. Without their hearts for this community, we would not be able to meet such a large outpouring of people. Along with the County Commissioner, many community volunteers, and members of the “Alive in the Spirit” Church, we served 955 families representing 2,563 members of the community. Lest we forget, we could never do these pantries without the fervent support from our financial sponsors. For this one, United Health Care was our hero.

Because of the large crowds, the traffic was so bad that our Pastor had to have a police escort to get there with another load of supplies. Each family went home with $400+ in groceries and we left excess food there for Judge Burnett to distribute as needed.

On Monday, April 1st, 2020, we conducted a mobile food distribution, in partnership with Reinhart Trucking, Second Harvest, and the officials of the town of Farragut. Our location was in the parking lot of the old Kroger, off Kingston Pike, Farragut, Knox County. This was specifically planned to serve food service workers who have been furloughed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While we knew there were a lot of folks effected, we served about 1,000 family members from 3-7 PM. We worked closely with restaurant owners and other food service companies to get the word out to their laid-off staff. We did a follow-up pantry the following day at Cornerstone Church of God and served approximately 600 family members.

To protect our customers (and the volunteers) from possible contamination of the virus, they arrived in their car, we got required information, and told them to open their trunk and drive by one of two service areas where the volunteer staff loaded food into their trunks.

Personally, this ol’ man was blessed and completely moved by the number of young people from Christ Covenant Church. I tried to count the numbers of these willing and hard-working young folks, but lost count. This type of volunteerism from the future leaders of our community and nation warmed my heart. We were also blessed with numerous youth and women leaders, also from Christ Covenant.

On March 10th, 2020, Compassion Ministries took food and supplies received by donations due to coverage by Channel 10 to tonado victims in Baxter, Tennessee and returned on March 11, to work with local volunteers in Putnam County to distribute the donations. The losses of life and property were heartbreaking. More information

On Saturday, February 1st, 2020, Compassion Ministries conducted a mobile food pantry, in partnership with United Health Care. Our location was at Washburn Community School in Granger County. We worked closely with the Johnson Chapel Church and their on-fire pastor, Greg Hurst. Along with volunteers from Compassion Ministries, Johnson Chapel brought along 54 helpers with lots of Energy. Principle Ginny McElhaney, people from the local community, and others from around Cornerstone Church came together with us to feed the hungry of this community. We provided food for over 273 families and served a total of 887 people.

Besides feeding the hungry, we worked with Pastor Hurst and his congregation was to teach/lead them in how to conduct a mobile food pantry. Their hearts are burdened for their community’s hungry and they want to begin their own pantries. Here are some photos of the pantry. It was a blessing to all the workers and most assuredly to those who received the food.

Southeast Bank of Farragut is continuing sponsoring our feeding the children ministry (Backpack Program)! Thank you!

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