This story came from the December 2019 Mobile Pantry:

Compassion Ministries received this letter from a Monroe County Juvenile Court caseworker. “I sent one of ‘my’ families to your event. They certainly needed it. They contacted me with tears in their voice of pure gratitude. They could hardly believe what they received and that they were given a shopping cart full. I am passing their joy along to you with my thanks as well.” Signed, Judith Dwyer.

This story came from July 2016 Mobile Pantry:

Thank you for your compassion and caring to Tellico Plains with your Food Bank Ministries that is so greatly needed. We are thankful for you Ministries.

Your workers were awesome to us new workers. All the younger people were very well mannered and respectful to our elderly and needy families. And for everyone to stop what they were doing and prayed for the gentlemen who was going through a problem was amazing.

Robin thank you for allowing me to take food baskets to the disabled and elderly who couldn't handle the heat. They were so grateful. God's blessing to you and your ministries throughout your Mission.

Thank you
Diana L. Murphy, Pres Tellico Community Food Pantry.

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