Our Story
Compassion Ministries began in 2009 as a multiple outreach initiative of Cornerstone Church located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Compassion Ministries was formed to demonstrate the love and teachings of Jesus Christ by feeding the hungry and helping them with their needs. Compassion Ministries is an all volunteer outreach.

Because of incredible growth, the need to form an independent non-profit 501-3C for Compassion Ministries became obvious. With the legal paperwork filed, Compassion Ministries, Inc. began operating independently under its own incorporation to demonstrate the love and teachings of Jesus Christ by feeding the hungry and helping them with their needs.

We are very grateful to Grace and Glory Fellowship, Christ Covenant Church, and Community Church at Tellico Village who have come alongside us in this ministry.

The current Board of Directors consists of eleven members:
Bill Middleton
Ragan Long
Bob McAllister
Mark Shreeve
Todd Burnett
Vitaliy Churyuk
Tony Guagadno
Dan Moore
William Malkes
Steve Sparks
Brandon Stivers
In addition, there are three appointed volunteer positions:
Robin Rolland
Executive Director
Steve McCullar
Executive Chaplain
Jone Burnett
Executive Assistant
Ron Newcomer was made Board Emeritus.

Board Meetings for 2022

20, snow day 27th

Appalacian Food Distribution

Virtually all of remote food distributions (mobile pantries) are operated in Appalachian or Cumberland Mountain counties in East Tennessee. Partnering with Second Harvest of East Tennessee, TVA, and United Healthcare our volunteers set up and conduct Mobile Pantries in elementary schools in various remote locations. We go into schools where we have an invitation and where there is a genuine need among the residents of a particular community.

Typically, a Mobile Food Pantry is conducted on a Saturday and in most cases anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 pounds of food is given away to those who come for assistance. These pantries are open to anyone who is able to make it to the pantry site. We allow pantry guests to select their food products with the assistance of volunteers. On average we are able to serve from 250 to 500 households in a day at a Mobile Pantry. In addition to food, we often have clothing and other items available for distribution to those who are in need. We always try to provide the Gospel in written form or some other inspirational literature to those who visit a Mobile Pantry.

Food In the backpacks

The School Backpack Ministry is an outreach targeting students in need of supplemental food for the weekend serving over 130 children in two schools in our community (Farragut Primary School and Farragut Intermediate School). Food for the backpacks is packaged by Compassion Ministries and delivered to the schools by local volunteers. The supplemental food is placed inconspicuously in student backpacks on Friday each week of the school year. The cost is $60 per student per year. In the course of a year Compassion Ministries will prepare and share over 5,000 backpacks of food all in the name of Jesus Christ.

This ministry provides us with a platform on which to interact face to face with families of these students at Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the holiday season Compassion Ministries provides food baskets for these families who come to the church to pick up their baskets. There we have the opportunity to share not only food but encouragement through the Word of God and prayer.

Cornerstone Pantry

Compassion Pantry has an on-site food ministry which operates at Cornerstone Church of God and serves the people of our community with supplemental food. The pantry is currently active every two weeks with details on our calendar. In addition to providing supplemental food we host a brief worship service and offer prayer to anyone who is interested. Our guests are not required to attend the worship service to receive food. However, we believe it is very important to share the Word of God with those who come to the pantry.


Cornerstone Church

12813 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN        (865) 755-9512          robin@compassionministries.net